Things You Need To Know About Yemen Emergency Appeal

Yemen is currently in the grip of a crisis of human rights. Yemen is currently experiencing the midst of a humanitarian crisis.

Yemen’s 16 million hungry people are suffering daily from a deficient health system. Since there’s no other place to go but their own homes, the COVID19 virus victims are dying as they don’t know where to go.

The deteriorating conditions in the country has created an ideal environment for sexual transmission of HIV. There are 4 million people living in a state of no permanent to call home, and can’t even eat enough since food prices are constantly rising even as wages remain low. the money that is available is not sufficient for providing basic needs like drinking water or healthcare! This is the reason it will be difficult to contain this epidemic without help from the outside. But, we need to act swiftly before it’s too much to late.

Although the Yemenite people have been fighting Cholera since long however, they are at risk. There is a glimmer of possibility of a solution with the help of international organisations like Save The Children US and World Vision UK, along with COVID-19.

How can donating to Welfare Trusts is helping the Yemeni population? Yemen

These trusts have the capacity to provide food and water for millions in an era of immense suffering. They also provide COVID-19 hygiene kits as well to help keep people from contracting this infection which has killed many people in Yemen already.

Welfare trusts located in Yemen have worked tirelessly for the sake of Yemen’s most vulnerable population over the last several years. They continue to provide humanitarian assistance in extreme situations when they have to contend with conflict and difficulties reaching their desired locations which is the main reason why there is an urgent need for international organizations like them.

It’s a tough time for many people, and we’re grateful there’s help for people who require it. Collaboration with local partner organisations and dispensing cash and food so that people can purchase basic products while also helping the economy, we hope to get to a reduction in hunger, or at the very least, get them closer to being able to eat.

Women in Yemen are getting a fresh start thanks to the many generous donors who have given their time and funds to help this cause. Maternity hospitals are supported through charitable donations. This helps ensure that all women can safely give birth to babies without health issues or dehydration. Rehabilitation facilities also offer post-birth treatment, including medications when needed.

As a result of COVID-19, a number of welfare trusts have started to provide hygiene kits to families that reside in camps that are not permanent, and safe water so it can be utilized in public facilities, such as schools or hospitals.

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